Two weeks since I landed, and first week of work done! (No more funemployment for me)


It seems crazy to think that I’ve been in Sydney for two weeks. In many ways it still feels like a holiday (an extra long one), but at the same time I feel as if I’ve always been here. Every now and then I get a sense of deja vu, not because I’ve been to a place before, but because I’ve moved past being frantic and anxious about everything, and am instead embracing all the newness and the change, and I remember feeling this way, all excited and anticipating about what lied around the corner when I first moved to London.

Today marked the end of my first week at my new job- the whole reason that I’m here in the first place- and I can honestly say that it’s been a great week. Having a bit of a routine has been so so nice, and I’ve genuinely LOVED getting my research brain back into action. There’s lots to learn, but I’m also feeling more and more confident that I’ve got a lot to give too. The name ‘Loren’ is also already well and truly out the car-park (it never lasts long… why is that?)- from now on it’s Loz, Lozzy or Lozzo.

My first ‘Happy Friday’ in Oz contained a few highlights: remembering that I can still turn my ‘pharma-chat’ on when I need to, a delicious seafood lunch from the amazing fish market at Darling Harbour (accompanied with wine… in the park… in the sun- sorry guys in the UK!), an afternoon of juggling practice, and ending with champagne whilst ‘Bat outta hell’ played throughout the office.

And top it all off, my day finished with a trip to Ikea- which I LOVED. Because that trip means I’m moving into a super exciting, shiny house next week. Near the beach (so expect a constant stream of #beachlife photos), with some lovely people.

It also means that because the day I move is the same day as my office Christmas party, my potential to forget I’ve moved house and rock up at the wrong address is feeling like a greater and greater dead cert.



First day as a Sydney worker = Done!!



So after a process that’s taken months and months, today I FINALLY stepped foot into my new office as an official employee. Wahoo!!

I’ve never really enjoyed the initial part of starting a new job- taking in a million names, processes and things, getting used to new surroundings and new (sometimes strange!) ways of doing things, and overall feeling a little bit useless until you – as Madonna commands- get into the groove.

As far as first days go, today has probably got to be up there. Not only did I find the right office this time, but I was welcomed by a sea of smiling faces and warm welcomes, champagne on my desk, cake offerings within the first hour, a lovely team lunch, an array of interesting projects to get involved with, and an office atmosphere that tingled with genuine enjoyment and excitement.

Truth be told after nearly three weeks off, a trip to Africa and a casual international relocation, a full (well, nearly) day in the office has knocked me for six. But I can’t wait to be back there tomorrow to get my teeth sunk in and start to get settled into Sydney office life.

Lesson one: If a plan doesn’t go to plan, it’s not the end of the world

I am someone who likse to have a plan. Not in an OCD way (and certainly not in a very long-term way, I have ZERO ideas on where I want to be in ten years; apart from happy), but when it comes to the things that will make life easier, simpler and a lot more logical in the short-term I’m all over it.

Living in London (and doing the job I do) over the last 5 years, has only compounded this lust for order. In the stressful, chaotic ecosystem of life in the capital, thinking ahead gave me an advantage. It meant I was better prepared, could research solutions to potential problems before they existed and feel calm and secure that I was doing whatever it was in the most efficient way, ultimately benefiting everybody involved.


Place you fancied for breakfast full to the brim? No worries, I read about another great place around the corner while looking up this one. Client needs to change a date urgently? All good, I pre-empt it and checked to make sure it was still “do-able” in the event we needed to. A million places to see and hardly any time? Not a problem, I’ve checked out a route that gives you the most bang for your buck (anyone who saw my 2 week Sri Lanka travel itinerary can vouch for this). In short, Loren’s got you covered.

This is all well and good, but for a while I’d been feeling like the spontaneous, carefree and uncertainty-embracing part of my personality was being slowly eroded; replaced by a slightly more stressful character, that freaked out when something didnt’t go as it should, or when I didn’t have the immediate answer.

So much in London depends on right here, right now (or, in fact, yesterday in many cases). Its so easy to get caught up, thinking that things that really aren’t important in the grand scheme of things, are. It can drive you crazy, make you more neurotic, anxious and afraid of the unknown and in the few months before I left, I was really noticing this in myself. Truth be told, I was hoping the move would help me claw back some of my “chill”.

Ahead of the big move I’d been super organised. I had a plan, and that plan was going to make the first few days and weeks go by a little more smoothly, and give me more time to explore my new city instead of spending hours on life admin. I’d meticulously worked it all out, and I was super confident in the plan.

But it didn’t all quite work out as expected.

Don’t get me wrong, nothing has gone awfully, horribly, disastrously wrong. But a few things here and there haven’t been quite as I’d hoped they’d be (including most recently rocking up for a meet and greet at my new office, to discover I was actually in their old building…on the other side of the city..).

The first couple of times things didn’t work out as I’d planned in my head, I will put my hands up and say I had a minor meltdown. Perhaps I can blame a little of my reaction on jetlag and fatigue. And maybe an even greater percentage came from the acknowledgment that I was actually over ten thousand miles away from the people I could always turn to when things didn’t quite work out, who could help me figure out the next best step.

Since those first few roadbumps there ‘s been plenty of other hiccups, but with each one I’ve found myself panicking less and less and instead thinking “ok, its not the end of the world, I can figure this out in my own time”. I’m only on day ten, and I’m sure I’ve got all sorts to come my way, but I’m going to try and embrace life without quite as much structure while I’m here.

It seems to be the Sydney way.


Holy sh*t I’ve actually done it.

After years of dreaming of sandy white shores, glorious sunshine, and a lifestyle with an emphasis on actually thriving (as opposed to surviving), an opportunity to move to the other side of the world and actually realise this dream came up- and I simply had to take it.

The decision was undeniably tough. Much as I’m all for adventure and opportunity, I was leaving behind an incredible London life: my amazing friends (some who I’ve  known and loved for over 14 years!), a fabulous job with colleagues who were more like family, my actual family who  have loved and supported me since day dot (even when perhaps I didn’t deserve it!), and a wonderful world of spontinaiety, bottomless brunches, pop-up supper clubs, riotous pub quizzes, runs along the river Thames, and cosy nights in (as well as wild nights out and unrecognisable uber receipts) with my favourite people.

Now all of those things are approximately 10,500 miles away. Yikes.

Stepping off the plane it didn’t really feel real- it still doesn’t,  but then I’m only two days in! I can’t quite grasp a handle on the idea that this is the place that I’ll call home for the foreseeable future, it’s just a holiday, right? I’ve travelled alone, and worked abroad before, right? This is just a slightly longer (and further) trip than normal, right?

I’m sure it will sink in at some point, but for the most part I keep finding my self thinking ‘holy sh*t I’ve actually bloody done it’, but not necessarily believing it.

I wanted a way to share my experiences with the people back home (I love you guys, but repeating myself fifty times will quickly become dull I’m sure!!), as well as to document for myself -and as a means of outletting- the roller coaster journey that I’m sure these first few months will have in store. Also, the jäger-bucas have fried my memory somewhat so this should hopefully mean I don’t forget any part of this exciting new adventure…

I’m hoping I can keep this up after more than several posts. And I’m hoping I’m brave enough to actually share this, as is my intention. But for now, hello Sydney- please be kind to me, and let’s see what you’ve got in store!