Holy sh*t I’ve actually done it.

After years of dreaming of sandy white shores, glorious sunshine, and a lifestyle with an emphasis on actually thriving (as opposed to surviving), an opportunity to move to the other side of the world and actually realise this dream came up- and I simply had to take it.

The decision was undeniably tough. Much as I’m all for adventure and opportunity, I was leaving behind an incredible London life: my amazing friends (some who I’ve  known and loved for over 14 years!), a fabulous job with colleagues who were more like family, my actual family who  have loved and supported me since day dot (even when perhaps I didn’t deserve it!), and a wonderful world of spontinaiety, bottomless brunches, pop-up supper clubs, riotous pub quizzes, runs along the river Thames, and cosy nights in (as well as wild nights out and unrecognisable uber receipts) with my favourite people.

Now all of those things are approximately 10,500 miles away. Yikes.

Stepping off the plane it didn’t really feel real- it still doesn’t,  but then I’m only two days in! I can’t quite grasp a handle on the idea that this is the place that I’ll call home for the foreseeable future, it’s just a holiday, right? I’ve travelled alone, and worked abroad before, right? This is just a slightly longer (and further) trip than normal, right?

I’m sure it will sink in at some point, but for the most part I keep finding my self thinking ‘holy sh*t I’ve actually bloody done it’, but not necessarily believing it.

I wanted a way to share my experiences with the people back home (I love you guys, but repeating myself fifty times will quickly become dull I’m sure!!), as well as to document for myself -and as a means of outletting- the roller coaster journey that I’m sure these first few months will have in store. Also, the jäger-bucas have fried my memory somewhat so this should hopefully mean I don’t forget any part of this exciting new adventure…

I’m hoping I can keep this up after more than several posts. And I’m hoping I’m brave enough to actually share this, as is my intention. But for now, hello Sydney- please be kind to me, and let’s see what you’ve got in store!



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