First day as a Sydney worker = Done!!



So after a process that’s taken months and months, today I FINALLY stepped foot into my new office as an official employee. Wahoo!!

I’ve never really enjoyed the initial part of starting a new job- taking in a million names, processes and things, getting used to new surroundings and new (sometimes strange!) ways of doing things, and overall feeling a little bit useless until you – as Madonna commands- get into the groove.

As far as first days go, today has probably got to be up there. Not only did I find the right office this time, but I was welcomed by a sea of smiling faces and warm welcomes, champagne on my desk, cake offerings within the first hour, a lovely team lunch, an array of interesting projects to get involved with, and an office atmosphere that tingled with genuine enjoyment and excitement.

Truth be told after nearly three weeks off, a trip to Africa and a casual international relocation, a full (well, nearly) day in the office has knocked me for six. But I can’t wait to be back there tomorrow to get my teeth sunk in and start to get settled into Sydney office life.


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