Australian focus groups, a new home, Christmas parties and being a boss lady at building things

What bloody a week!

  • Summer has officially begun in Australia (it all kicks off from 1st December apparently!)
  • I successfully ran my first Australian focus groups- and things went pretty darn well!
  • I’ve had TWO back to back Christmas parties (first the group party- a fun filled champagne fest, on a roof terrace looking out over Darling Harbour, the second my company party, again champagne fueled but this time based on the famous Bondi Beach)
  • I’ve spent my third night in as many weeks at The Bucket List in Bondi- I’m starting to feel like a genuine local…
  • I’ve spent an amazing day with my new colleagues,  reflecting on the year they’ve had and getting excited about the future
  • I’ve moved into my new house- I’m officially a Coogee resident- and it really is incredible, I feel like I’ve hit the house jackpot
  • I’ve once again taken the title of Queen of Ikea- today building a MASSIVE dining table, and then a bed (the bed was the wrong size for the mattress, but I’m overlooking those details for now)
  • I’ve had a lovely day spending time with my fabulous new housemates in my fabulous new house, all finished off with a great big platter of cheese

I’ve been here for three weeks now, and it may sound cliche but things just keep getting better. I’m really feeling so much more settled and comfortable with life down under. And I’ve rediscovered my love for Crowded House. Which is probably my highlight of a pretty fab week.




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