It’s definitely NOT beginning to look at lot like Christmas

Let me start this post by sharing what is so far my favourite Christmas ad of 2016…


I love this, not just because I am a comms nerd, and not just because it means I’ve been reacquainted with our dear friend Ronan Keating (don’t even pretend that he wasn’t the Harry Styles of the 90’s), but because it sums up EXACTLY how I feel about the festive season over here.

It’s not about snow, and mulled wine, and sleigh bells, and reindeer, and holly, and Christmas jumpers, and thick socks, and cosy fireplaces and hearty Christmas day eating….

It’s about the arrival of summer, and sunshine, and 30 degree temperatures, and ice-cream, and flip flops (thongs or jangles if you will) and a Christmas day swim on Bondi Beach before demolishing a bucket of prawns on the barbie.

Don’t get me wrong, there are Christmas trees, and presents, and a feeling of merriment and joy and sharing with the people you love- but it just doesn’t feel right to be basing Christmas festivities in the Southern Hemisphere on an American/ European ideal (which quite frankly is aspirational at best, let’s face it… I can’t remember a white Christmas ever). The David Jones window display of animatronic polar bears on an Arctic production line, and the echoed tones of ‘Silent Night’ bellowing over Pyrmont Bridge are all well and festive- but that’s not the reality of the Christmas experience over here- so why is everything entrenched in it!

I love that AirNZ have taken this idea and used it for the basis of their ad. It’s a much more genuine representation of what Christmas down under seems to be all about.

Although who am I kidding, much as I’m all for beaches, and sunshine and a calamari Christmas lunch, I don’t think I will ever loose the uncontrollable excitement of the process of putting together our house Christmas tree- as evident from the below.



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